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Posted Tuesday 8th Jan 2013 by Dan

Being my first web design blog post in the New Year and get settled back to work after Christmas, I thought I’d write something a little light hearted, so we can get back in to the messy stuff next week!

So if you can’t tell from the title of the blog post, I’m gong to talk a little about WordPress (obviously) Newsletter plugins. Recently, my need for using these has increased from pretty much zero, to, well, a bit higher!

The Shortlist

I started off as anyone would and ‘Googled’ what I was looking for. If you do the same, you’re going to see a big white sea of blue links. You get slightly overwhelmed with how many there actually are about! So I’m not going to list every single one as that would be pointless and something you could do by just looking for them yourself!

Instead, I’ll list a few that I’ve used/caught my eye and just provide a brief overview of each one. You can then decide for yourself, as to which you will use!

WordPress Newsletter Plugin – Premium

So the first on the list is called ‘WordPress Newsletter Plugin’. So this is a Premium plugin, which you can buy singularly or multi-domain. It’s got a whole list of features, which pretty much covers everything you’re going to need to do with a newsletter. The website even gives you access to a demo site, where you can log in to the admin and play around with all the settings, which there are plenty! It has some useful statistics of how many people have subscribed and how many emails where sent, which are shown on the dashboard and can be quite useful.

WYSIJA – Free & Premium

Next is WYSIJA or What You Send Is Just Awesome. This is by far my personal favourite and one that I will be using in the future! The initial version is free, but you can buy the premium version to unlock more features! Again, there’s a lot of features and this is so easy to use it’s ridiculous! After an installation I’d already sent the first email & edited my own template in about 10mins. You’re not overwhelmed by information you don’t need, it’s very slick and does exactly what it says on the tin (well, it would if it had one!). As I said, my personal favourite, so I could go on and on…

Newsletter - Free & Premium

The self-named Newsletter plugin is much more simpler than the above two, but by no means less superior! A good list of features is included in both Free & Premium versions of the plugin. There is an extensive list of documentation, which is very helpful. A very simple and easy option.

MeeNews - Free & Premium

Another really nice plugin is MeeNews. Again, a lot of features to keep you busy with and even more unlocked when you unlock the Premium version. Like WYSIJA, it’s very nicely laid out in the back-end of WordPress for you to use and very user-friendly. It also provides a very helpful set of videos to watch which will guide you through every process!

e-Newsletter – Premium

e-Newsletter is another really nice front-end and back-end Newsletter integration plugin. Very easy to use and has a great usage guide to get you started. There’s a number of templates you can download to start from which gives you a good starting point.

Mailchimp Subscribe form – Free

Although this isn’t strictly a newsletter plugin, it is worth a mention. This is just a plugin for WordPress which will collect emails into a MailChimp account. MailChimp is a stand-alone newsletter solution which you can purchase and manage separate to WordPress.

Hopefully this will point in a good direction when you need to find a good WordPress Newsletter plugin to use!

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