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Posted Friday 11th Jan 2013 by Claire Jennings

After searching for a Calendar plugin for an events website i am currently working on, i came across the All-in-One Event Calendar plugin by Timely. Most plugins that i had previously seen are quite basic, however, this little gem is completely the opposite. The main feature that stands out about this plugin is the new ‘Posterboard’ Design option in addition to ‘Month’, ‘Week’, ‘Day’, and ‘Agenda’ views.

It is not just a Calendar that you can add events to either. It’s a great plugin that displays events, and also promotes and shares events… You can connect it with Facebook, Subscribe to Events, Import and Export Events, Sync with Google Map for Venue Locations, and include as a Widget in your WordPress Sidebar or Footer, and finally, Search Engine Optimised, and the best part? It’s FREE!

Timely Posterboard Design

The good bits…

Facebook - Import all your Facebook events, friends events and even your Pages and Groups. You can also export to Facebook as well.

Import and Export Events - Import and Export to and from any .ics Calendar system. Meaning it is compatible with Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal plus more… meaning you have lot’s of event notification options available as well.

Subscribe + Filter Events - Users can subscribe to individual events, or entire calendars. Any changes made to the calendar are sent to all calendars that subscribe to it. Great for keeping your customer’s updated! You can even filter event feeds by using colour-coded categories and tags.

Create your own Theme - For those of you that want to tinker, or redesign the look, then it’s easy. The All-in-one Events Calendar has it’s own theme folder, so you can choose from the themes already there, or create your own. You can also decide what views can be seen whether its  ’Posterboard’, ‘Month’, ‘Week’, ‘Day’, or ‘Agenda’ views.

Search Engine Optimisation - All the Events are optimised for Indexing to ensure that they are easily discoverable by search engines. Also, any events exported to other calendars generate back links to your website assisting.

Simple Installation

  1. Simply Download the files from here, and then upload then in your ‘plugins’ folder via FTP.
  2. Enable the plugin in WordPress admin (under ‘Plugins’).
  3. Customise Plugin settings (‘Settings’ > ‘Calendar’).
  4. Start adding your events under ‘Events’.


There is only one conclusion, this plugin is fantastic, it’s FREE and extremely comprehensive thanks to the import/export tools, syncing with .ics Calendars is a breeze, and my favourite part? the beautiful, Posterboard view.

This could possibly be one of my favourite plugin’s to date!

By Claire Jennings

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