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Posted Friday 27th Aug 2010 by James Bavington 9 Comments

Working in the Creare Web Design Team

Can you see King Ken? He's hidden in most of the shots on the video!

In this week’s web design video blog, I take a break from the normal format to have a chat with a selection of web designers who work at Creare. As Creare are currently recruiting for web designers, we thought it would be a great opportunity to show prospective applicants what it’s like working for one of the UK’s largest web design and SEO companies.

A big thank you to Sam in our video department who shot and edited all of the footage, interviews and sport scenes. Don’t forget to check out our Creare Communications website for a similar video of the guys who work in the SEO department at Creare. Later next week we will also be publishing a video introducing our sales team.

Web Design Jobs at Creare

For more information and to see our latest vacancies, please visit our web design jobs board.

By James Bavington

Creare's Web R&D Manager is a creative graduate and self-taught front-end developer. When not sat at a computer, he's either at Comic-con, driving his car or reading military history.

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  • http://www.ego-one.comW Kougioulis Nick

    Wow i found King Ken Everywhere :P

  • fendy

    Very beautiful you are a great team

  • ticktwo

    I want to be there!

  • SamMclain

    Hello James i have a question is can i join in crearegruop online like i design websites or give me a smal salary or i bee on your website like i join i send my image my website and my infos? like Dan he have image he have his infos and website…! If i can join tell me or Mail me pls tell your boss of your company if i can join im 14 years old and i have every think you want

  • Ricky Bobby

    Definitely the funnest looking web design company I have ever seen… all the girls are beautiful too! Can I just hang out there? -lol

  • Niraj Mistry

    Wonderful Team, I love the SEO Song. Keep it up. :)

  • Peter Jenkins

    Nice looking family unit of a company. Looks like a cool place to work. Wicked music video, just watched it on Youtube.

  • jinu

    SEO song is awesome :D

  • Anand.S

    Hi Team,
    I like your presentation. really great team. I like to join with your team. Currently working as a Senior Web Designer @ 3E IT solutions- India, Its a UK Based company.,