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Running a cron/schedule script in WordPress

Today, Dan talks about a great function called wp_schedule_event() which allows you to run functions with WordPress’ cron. Continue reading

Better Configurable Products vs Simple Configurable Products – Magento Plugin Review

Today, Claire compares two plugins – “Simple Configurable Products” and “Better Configurable Products” Continue reading

@font-face not working IE7 and IE8? – Fix

A Simple solution to ensuring your Google Fonts / @font-face is compatible in all browsers (IE7 & IE8) Continue reading

Using the_date() WordPress function

Today Dan talks about a common WordPress date bug and how to fix it. Continue reading

Fade parts of your html page as you scroll using JQuery

This week, Claire takes us through how to fade in parts of your website as you scroll down the page. Continue reading

Fade in your Website using jquery

This week, Claire demonstrates how you can create a nice page fade-in effect using JQuery Continue reading

Change Templates for Custom Post Type posts in WordPress

In this weeks blog, Claire takes us through assigning different templates to Custom Post Type Posts, using the ‘Post Template’ drop down. Continue reading

Super Simple Domains – Part 3, DNS Management

This week, Claire takes us through Advanced DNS. Perfect for Exchange Server settings or hosting your site elsewhere. Continue reading

Web Design Tip – WordPress theme localisation

Today Dan goes through a quick tip to help you translate your WordPress theme if you’re ever need to. Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – Get Next & Previous Posts in WordPress

Todays blog post is a simple tutorial on how to access the next and previous blog post depending on which post you are on. Continue reading