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Converting JPEG/Raster to Vector with Illustrator Live Trace

In this week’s video tutorial James demonstrates how Adobe Illustrators Live Trace tool can be effective for converting JPEG logos and illustrations to vector files. Continue reading

Create an Engraved Wood Effect in 5 Simple Steps!

Today Luci demonstrates how to create a quick and easy engraved wood effect in just 5 simple steps. Continue reading

Remove white backgrounds with ‘Multiply’ in Photoshop

In this week’s video tutorial we share a simple technique for removing the white backgrounds in Photoshop. Using the Layer Blend ‘Multiply’ we create a nice effect without cutting away or masking the image’s background. Continue reading

How to create a FAVICON (.ICO) in Photoshop – Web Design Tutorial

In this week’s video tutorial, James demonstrates how you can easily create Favicons in Photoshop, after the installation of a free File Format plugin. Continue reading

GIF Matte Setting in Photoshop’s Save For Web

In this week’s video James re-visits the GIF Matte setting in Photoshop’s Save For Web feature. After a demonstration, we take a look at some live GIF Matte examples on the web. Continue reading

HTML Image Submit Buttons (with Rollover)

In this week’s tutorial we demonstrate how to use images for Form Submit Buttons. Then using some simple JavaScript we create a rollover effect. Continue reading

Photoshop Automated Batch Processing Tutorial

Today Rob takes a look at Photoshop’s Batch Processing Tool; a helpful web design tutorial when processing multiple images with the same settings. Continue reading

Create a realistic wall photoshop tutorial

Today I am going to show you how to create a realistic wall background for use within your website design. This tutorial will show you how to add both depth and creativity to your design which can be adapted in … Continue reading

Enhancing Image colours Photoshop Tutorial

Today I am going to show you a simple technique that I use to enhance Images that I use within my website design. Below is the final outcome and the steps that I take to achieve the effect. Step 1 … Continue reading

Create a white letterpress effect Photoshop tutorial

Today I am going to show you how to create a white letterpress effect within Adobe Photoshop Continue reading