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Adobe Creative Week Key Web & Mobile Points

In this week’s web design video blog, James and Robert summarise their key points from Adobe’s Creative Week during July 2012 Continue reading

Shadow GUI elements kit for web designers

The Shadow GUI kit This week, after various requests I will be sharing a reworked version of the Fino GUI elements kit that I have made using Adobe Fireworks CS4. It is compatible with Adobe Fireworks CS3 and Adobe Fireworks … Continue reading

Free Internet browser fireworks vector for web

Download this free vector internet browser This week I have created a web browser using Adobe Fireworks CS4. Almost everything is vector so it scales very well. Although scaling the vectors will change it’s appearance making it dissimilar to a … Continue reading

Free 1px tiling patterns for web designers

Add the finishing touch to web design projects This week I am providing more free resources for your web design projects. Recently I have been using many different resources for subtle textures and patterns to add that little extra touch … Continue reading

Game cases vector download for web designers

The final vectors – Game disc cases for PlayStation, XBOX, Wii and GameBoy Sadly, the web design series of gaming icons has come to an end. This week I am posting the final icons which are cases/cartridges to match the … Continue reading

Widescreen LCD gaming display vector for web

This week I have created a widescreen LCD display vector using Adobe Fireworks. This is part of the ‘Gaming’ icon series that I have been blogging about recently. This gaming display is the 5th icon in the Gaming series and, … Continue reading

Free Gameboy vector for web design projects

This week I have created the hugely popular Nintendo Gameboy in vector format using only Adobe Fireworks. This vector is part of my ‘Gaming’ icon series. I remember playing one of these a long, long time ago when I was … Continue reading

Free xbox controller vector for web designers

The 3rd gaming vector icon for web design and media projects arrives this week in the form of an Xbox 360 controller. As a huge fan of the Xbox 360 I really enjoyed making this one. The curves and shapes … Continue reading

Free PS3 vector controller for web designers

This week comes the 2nd vector of the gaming, games and consoles icon series. Today I am posting the iconic PlayStation 3 controller, even though it is very… very similar to the previous version released by Sony. I have produced … Continue reading

Free Wii-mote vector resource

This week I am posting the first in a series of icons relating to gaming, games and consoles. These icons will be available as transparent/alpha .PNG files but I will also attach the source files too. These icons are all … Continue reading