Web Design Freebie: Subtle Texture Patterns

Posted Tuesday 20th Mar 2012 by Kim 2 Comments

Recently I’ve found myself drawn to textures again in my web design creations. Textures are fantastic because they add an extra dimension of visual interest and can allow you to bring in organic elements to a design. I think textures are often best used as subtly as possible so that they provide an interesting base upon which text, pictures and other design elements can stand out upon. Use of Photoshop’s noise filter to texturise backgrounds has become a frequently used design trick but as with most trends it is fast becoming passé. I spent some time this week producing 10 simple, subtle patterns that  can be seamlessly tiled either as a pattern fill option or for use in layer styles in Photoshop. Use them as site backgrounds or to create textured headers for your web design projects.

The pattern set is available as a download here: Subtle Pattern Set.pat

To load the Subtle Pattern Set in Photoshop click on Edit -> Preset Manager. Change your preset type in the drop down menu to ‘Pattern’. Click the ‘Load’ button and select the pattern set from where you have saved it. The patterns will load into your pattern presets and will be available to use as fills or from the ‘Pattern’ category in your layer styles menu.

By Kim

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