Tips For Web Designers

16 Geeky Presents to buy a Web Designer for Christmas in 2012

This Week, Claire helps us out with deciding what Web Designers may want to add to their Christmas List Continue reading

Which way? Adding your Magento products – Simple? Configurable? Custom Options?

This week, Claire provides a diagram to help you decide which is the best way of adding products to your Magento site, whether it be Simple, Configurable, Grouped, Bundle, Virtual and Downloadable. Continue reading

Looking further into Page-Speed Optimisation

Today, Gav and Rob have a very special guest and discuss their tried and tested ways of speeding up your website. Continue reading

How to 301 redirect query strings with htaccess

Today, Dan looks at two methods to achieve 301 redirects from old pages to new. Continue reading

Grab my attention – Calls to Action

A call to action in web design is a term used for elements that grab the users attention and draw them to a certain goal, usually it’s a button or line of copy. To create a good call to action, … Continue reading

6 Free Magento Plugins we are loving right now

This Week, Claire decides to go on a hunt for the Favourite Magento Plugins Continue reading

Setting up Sagepay with your Magento Website

Today Claire takes us through a Step by Step guide on how to integrate Sage Pay into Magento using Ebizmarts Sage Pay Suite CE Plugin Continue reading

Colours in Web Design

As designers colour is a powerful tool at our disposal. Throughout life our culture and the influences around us have conditioned us to relate colours to emotions and actions. Traffic lights are the simplest form, green for go, amber for … Continue reading

Better Configurable Products vs Simple Configurable Products – Magento Plugin Review

Today, Claire compares two plugins – “Simple Configurable Products” and “Better Configurable Products” Continue reading

Using bloginfo() when developing a WordPress website

Today Dan talks through a tip when developing a WordPress website. Continue reading