Search Engine Optimisation (seo)

Looking further into Page-Speed Optimisation

Today, Gav and Rob have a very special guest and discuss their tried and tested ways of speeding up your website. Continue reading

How to 301 redirect query strings with htaccess

Today, Dan looks at two methods to achieve 301 redirects from old pages to new. Continue reading

CRO starts in the SERPS – How to add your Google+ Author Photo

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) starts in the SERPS! Find why and how to add your photo in the search listings, in this week’s web design video blog. Continue reading

Domain advice for branding & SEO

In the wake of Google’s Exact-Match Domain (EMD) algorithm update, James and Nick share domain advice for both branding and SEO. Continue reading

4 Page/Site Speed Tools for webmasters

This week, James shares 4 great, free tools for improving the speed of your website. Tools include Google Page Speed, Analytics, mod_pagespeed and Pingdom. Continue reading

Responsive web design – SEO & usability considerations

In this week’s web design video blog we consider SEO factors and usability when creating responsive websites. Continue reading

Google Shopping results will no longer be free

This week Tom Nolan from our PPC department to shed some light on Google monopolising their formerly free Shopping Result listings. Google Shopping previously known as Google Product Search, Google Merchants, Google Base, Google Products and even Froogle is the new … Continue reading

WordPress Permalinks Explained

In this week’s video tutorial, Creare‘s James Bavington explains how to utilize SEO friendly URLs with Wordpress. Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – 301 Redirects with .htaccess (& PHP/ASP)

In this week’s video tutorial we demonstrate how to do 301 redirects with .htaccess files. We also cover PHP & ASP 301 redirects. Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – Does HTML5 improve SEO?

This week, we tackle the big SEO question – Does HTML5 improve SEO? In the video we look at markup, Rich Snippets and other benefits of using HTML5 Continue reading