PHP Scripts & Tutorials

Create a Christmas Class and Condition with PHP

Robert Bavington takes a look at creating a Christmas class and condition with PHP Continue reading

Inserting CSV data into a Database with PHP

After writing my web design tutorial a couple of weeks ago on Parsing CSV data with PHP, I got a couple of requests asking how this data could then be inserted into a database. So this week I’ll be showing … Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – Parsing CSV’s with PHP

Something I’ve been asked a few times recently is how to quickly parse a CSV file in PHP. The latest occasion was when a colleague needed to send an email to a group of customers – so in this Web Design tutorial, … Continue reading

Change Templates for Custom Post Type posts in WordPress

In this weeks blog, Claire takes us through assigning different templates to Custom Post Type Posts, using the ‘Post Template’ drop down. Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – Debugging your website

A nice quick web design tutorial for you this morning. Something I get asked a fair amount by people is what are the best ways of quickly and efficiently debugging code, and how to do it without showing the world … Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – 301 Redirects with .htaccess (& PHP/ASP)

In this week’s video tutorial we demonstrate how to do 301 redirects with .htaccess files. We also cover PHP & ASP 301 redirects. Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – Echo ‘last’ class on items

Today I wanted to share a really good little web design tip with you all. It’s a really simple PHP script but something that I think will come in handy. WordPress & Magento use this technique throughout parts of their … Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – Extending WordPress User Profiles

This week Steve Looks at a handy combination of WordPress plugins that allow you to extend the standard WordPress subscriber profile area. Continue reading

How to display your latest tweet with PHP

This week we have overhauled our free PHP script that allows you to display your latest tweet on your website. Continue reading

Web Design Tutorial – Using the array_unique PHP function

Today Dan goes through a nice little PHP function to remove duplicate data from an Array. Continue reading